Cheap and easy way to restore a block plane

Like most woodworkers and makers, I have a soft side for tools. And by soft side I mean addiction…. I love tools. Especially good ones that stand the test of time. I feel like the bragging rights of any woodworking shop is its hand plane collection. Or atleast I assimilate woodworking with hand planes.

Its easy to find old hand planes laying old garage sales and basements all over america. I personally snag them up whenever I can. Recently I have taken it upon myself to bring some of them back to life.

This example looks to be a #65 Stanley Low Angle Block Plane. Which I was PUMPED to find. I love the shape and feel of this plane in my hand. Heavier than a standard block, and the cap sits nicely in my palm.

So i took it upon myself to restore this bad boy, and man am I glad I did. With just a few simple tools it shined right up and is working great!



In the video I show how I personally restore a hand plane.

Check out the video Below

How To Restore A Block Plane

If you would like to attempt this project on your own, here are a few tools I use and recommend

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Check the video out here!