Hello, I’m John Malecki

Before I got into building i was leading a much different life, pursuing my childhood dream of playing in the NFL. As a kid I dreamed of dawning a professional uniform on sunday. After a great high school football career I attended the University of Pittsburgh on a full football scholarship. Fortunately for me I earned a starting roll my sophomore year and became team captain my senior year. I graduated with a degree in Marketing in 2010, and signed a futures contract with the Tennessee Titans. After a short stint with them, I bounced a round a bit to a few other NFL teams until ending up back home on the couch….

This is the reality of the NFL, and chasing any dream. But after some dumb luck, and my agent hustling his ass off, I was picked up by the Pittsburgh Steelers where i played for 2 years or so, and got to live my life long dream. Sharing everything I could with my friends and family, I was very very blessed to be where I was .

But like all thing good, they eventually must come to an end. 

Upon finishing my career (not by choice) in the NFL, I took a year off from just about everything. While still playing I picked up the hobby of woodworking. When I wasn’t working, or training, or doing anything really besides eating and spending money…. I got more and more into the craft. I really developed a deep passion for building things, and my mind got turning.

This new hobby was fun, fulfilling, and challenging. I was hooked. I started acquiring tools and fortunately a buddy of mine let me work in his heated  garage. Since then I have been chasing my next dream, as The Builder, and I haven’t looked back.

“Growing up in Pittsburgh, you have a tendency to work with your hands. For me it has always been in my roots, and has become a way of life.”

From putting my hand in the dirt playing football, to using them to make dust and sparks now. I would never have dreamed where my life would take me. This is my story and my journey.

My new mission is to inspire a new generation of makers and craftsman. Show this ever changing world that paving the way with your hands is not dead. It is actually very much alive!