Makita Brush Sander vs. Porter Cable Restorer Tool Fight / Review

I purchased a Makita Brush sander almost 2 years ago, and have used it in a ton of my content and my work since then. Recently Porter Cable released their new Restorer, a comprable tool at a much lower price point. So I decided to put them head to head. Check out my thoughts on both tools and a full video below!

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Porter Cable Restorer

First off, I don’t hate this tool. As much as it may seem that way. It has a lot of upside to it for any DIY’er or weekend warrior looking to add a brush sander to their arsenal. The tool is very affordable and very versatile. It has the ability to use multiple drums and wheels. Not only the standard brush. Which makes this tool very appealing to the masses. It is also available at most big box stores and can be picked up on a whim. Some of my favorite features are as follows.

  • Size
  • Variable Speed
  • Dust Collection
  • Versatility


The Restorer is a small compact tool, which is a great feature. at 4.5lbs it is easily maneuverable and usable in multiple orientations. Compared to the Makita Brush Sander weighing in at 9.3lbs.

Brush Sander Review - Size Comparison (1 of 1)

Now, that being said. I personally think the machine is not heavy enough. Because it is so light it tends to jump around and not hold stable. I also believe this has part to do with the standard brush being way too course and thin. But, I think the tool could use some mass.

Brush Sander Review - Brush Comparison (1 of 1)

Variable Speed

One nice feature of the restorer is the variable speed option. When working on multiple surfaces this option is always nice. Especially if you’re changing out the head on the drum and the wheel.

Brush Sander Review - PC Variable Speed (1 of 1)

Dust Collection

Both machines offer dust collection abilities. The Makita has a side port with a cover that keeps the hose out to the side of the tool. While the restorer has the port right under the handle for ergonomics sort of like a standard sander. Both are nice additions. But i would still highly advise working the tool somewhere well ventilated while wearing a respirator.

Brush Sander Review - PC Dust Collection (1 of 1)


Both tools have versatility when it comes to changing the head. The PC Restorer has much more affordable options, as well as easy maneuverability. It has two simple latches right on the front that make changing in and out a breeze.

Brush Sander Review - PC Drum Change (1 of 1)

The PC also has a kit option for an extra $50 bucks or so that adds a lot of the other abrasives available for the product. Speaking with the manufacturer they plan on making more options available as the tool progresses.


Final Thoughts/ My Opinion

So in my professional opnion, as someone who has used the Makita for years now with zero complaints. I am obviously bias towards that tool. I have run that tool over thousands of board feet of materials and it has never let me down or given me an issue. So for any professional out there, I highly recommend the investment. Especially if you’re working with reclaimed materials. its a massive time saver. If you wanna see how I use it to refinish reclaimed wood check out my other video here! 

That being said, not all hope is lost for the Restorer. I think this tool has its place in any DIY’ers arsenal. Its size , affordability, and versatility are 3 huge benefits of this tool. It is very compact as well as versatile. With the many options for the drum and brush, I believe this tool could come in handy in the shop of any weekend warrior. It will be exciting to see how the tool improves and how new innovative heads come out for it as the age of the tool progresses.

Thank you so much for checking out my review of the Makita Brush sander and Porter Cable Restorer. If you want to see some more of my tool reviews check some out here.


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