To begin with,

a workshop can be anything, it does not have to be a physical space for your tools. It can be a metaphorical mindset, filled with knowledge and dreams in which you can grow and prosper inside over time. So do not look at this blog as a way to physically put tools into a room, because that is not what this is. This is about growing a dream, building something more. This is about building the life you want.

For the first piece of advise in starting your own “workshop” I want to talk about passion. Im going to make a suggestion here and It may come across as anti-intuitive for the subject. But don’t start building to make money. It is not the type of profession you can just learn and make a few bucks on for the rest of your life.

2“Working with your hands is something you truly have to love, and it doesn’t matter which instance.”

So as far as getting started in business, if you are looking to make money… walk away. Entrepreneurship is a long, hard, tough, and shitty road. You must have passion and love for whatever you’re doing first and foremost.

For me I found my passion in PEOPLE. I enjoy people, and creating relationships, and mostly making people happy. I always have, it was one of my favorite parts about the NFL too. Watching what you do with your hands put a smile on a kid or a families face is extremely gratifying and desirable for me, and I happened to enjoy making things with my hands as well. So combining this passion with my skill set was a no brainer.

Back to why I chose to use this topic first. There was a point that I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about money a ton (I by no means am rich from playing football. I was able to live comfortably for a short amount of time, but I did move home with my parents at 25, and I did have to make some major sacrifices. But that is for another time….) So in this time period of so called “freedom” i was able to develop an enjoyment and a love for creation.

1So my suggestion ….. find enjoyment in creating something. Anything. Furniture, birdhouses, cutting boards, wallets, flower arrangements, whatever.

And then give them to the people  you love and ask for honest feedback. Now remember, in this time frame experiment. This is the moment where you begin developing your passion and skill set before your run for freedom. A lot of this life is learning on the fly, but you want to make sure you have some basic skills before you get started. None more basic than passion for what you’re doing.

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