Up to this point you haven’t made a penny.

You’ve invested countless hours and dollars into broadening your skill set and knowledge base. Good, now get good enough to show it off. And do not be ashamed of it.

We live in a social world, and business and brand development is alive and in the right now. This step is the beginning of building your brand, but do not get to antsy yet. You still have some developing to do.

So, now is when I want you to, once again, become uncomfortable. If you are an artist painting portraits, ask a friend to let you paint them. If you are opening a bakery, ask your neighbor if you can cater their kids birthday party. If you’re building furniture HINT HINT….. ask someone you know who just moved, if you can make them a piece for their new home or apartment. When I got started, this is exactly what I did.

In the same instance, learn to be open to whomever you approach (the client) and their vision for what they want. At this point (and always) they are the most important part of the process. Develop a sketch, a plan, a recipe, whatever it might be, around that persons vision. Then figure out how to incorporate your thoughts, and execute on it. If you are passionate about what you’ve been doing, run at this like it is the only opportunity you will ever have to showcase your work. And document it.

First, you want to document your process so you can evaluate it yourself.

The way you have currently developed what you are doing is not going to be perfect. You’ll learn as time goes how to streamline these things, but having reference to your process will help you learn. I still have photographs from the first repurposed coffee table I did with a set of burned douglas fir legs. As a builder I will recommend writing down your cut lists in a notebook, and sketching so you can go back for reference.

Secondly, people enjoy seeing your process.

And you are going to show them, because you believe and love what you’re doing so much that you want the world to see how interesting and cool it is. This part is essential to building a brand. Marketing is evolving, and becoming more raw. With the evolution of snapchat and IG videos, you’ll want to take advantage of your ability to connect with your consumers.

Third, get some great quality photos of the finished piece.

Most cell phones have cameras that are as good as the ones you buy in a store, take your time and get some high quality shots of your stuff.

Fourth, go back and critique yourself, and absolutely every inch of your piece.

If you made a table or bench, how good is the finish? Can you see glue joints? Are any screw heads showing? Is everything flat and even? Are there any swirl marks?

You don’t have to necessarily tell the individual every flaw you gave them on their “free” piece of furniture, but take note for yourself and for the future.

Then lastly take the photographs and share them on your social media. But make sure the write ups for your pieces show how passionate you are about what you’re doing. Talk about the family members home its in, as well as the design process. Really dive into it, this will help down the road in developing your brand concept and voice. Be proud of what you’re doing.

And after you share, repeat the process with someone else.


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