10 Cutting Boards from Scrap Wood


In this video I build 10 Cutting Boards from the Scrap Wood I piled up over the last year, Just in time for the holidays!

We’re getting settled into the new shop, and with that comes trying to carve some time to actually build some stuff. Lucky for me I have a ton of scrap wood I could not part with from my last building. So I basically collected it all into huge trash cans and sorted through it. Even though I don’t love making cutting boards, I find that its always something I end up doing around the holidays. Friends and family love them, and they’re always nice to have around.

Cutting boards are something every woodworker makes at some point in their life. For me they were a huge part of the beginning of my business. When i got started building I got a lot of requests for boards, and because of that they became a staple in my arsenal. I am always seeing amazing displays of boards, and awesome new “designs” all over the internet. So when it comes to making some for this year, I decided to just get crazy with it and make a bunch of different styles. Long grain, end grain. and even one with some awesome curves from the bandsaw.

Since I know I will be getting a lot of questions about it, here is the finish i used! BUTCHER BLOCK OIL!!

Check out all ten boards HERE

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