DREMEL Saw-Max Variable Speed Corded Tool Kit


DREMEL Saw-Max Variable Speed Corded Tool Kit  

DREMEL Saw-Max So far this quarter, I’ve reviewed several DREMEL tools. Like I said on my previous reviews, DREMEL products are typically durable, quality, products making them a great choice to go with tool-wise. That being said, the DREMEL Saw-Max Variable Speed Corded Tool Kit is no exception.

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We all want that magic saw that just completely defies the laws of cutting as we know them, and I think we may have it here. Behold, the DREMEL Saw-Max Variable Speed Corded Tool Kit that is ideal for cutting through nearly any material, including metal. To have such a versatile saw is crucial. There is nothing more frustrating then having to switch out saws to cut through different materials. Luckily, that is eliminated with this tool kit. The DREMEL Saw-Max Variable Speed Corded Tool Kit includes 1 wood and plastic cutting blade and 1 metal cutting blade. The interchangeable blades are what allows this tool to be used for a variety of different projects and after testing it out, I don’t think there is don’t think there is a material that this thing can’t handle. Now I know your question, “but what about the cord?” Like I’ve said in the past, while some tools definitely are definitely needed in the cordless variety, I don’t think that this is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, yes, a cordless model would be great and a potential future upgrade that DREMEL might come out with but this thing packs a ton of power and is a great tool, so I’m able to look past the cord. One of the great thins about the DREMEL Saw-Max Variable Speed Corded Tool Kit is that it makes straight cuts, flush cuts, and plunge cuts with ease. In my opinion, if you have a tool that can make precision cuts through a variety of materials, then who really cares if it’s cordless or not.



For the quality of this tool, and the fact that you get multiple blades for multiple materials, the price really isn’t unreasonable at all. Coming in at $89, you will most definitely get your moneys worth. There are other variable speed saws that sell for a much higher price, and don’t include a variety of blades. Keep in mind, with the DREMEL Saw-Max Variable Speed Corded Tool Kit you’ll get the saw, 2 blades, and a carrying case which is always nice to have.


After using the tool for a minute, in all honesty it is probably not something i will be reaching for a ton. That is only mostly because I have an abundance of other tools to use for the applications the DREMEL Saw-Max is intended for. With that being said, for the beginner or new home owner. I think the tool has lots of applications and functions to make it versatile and useful. It also comes in at an affordable price point which also makes it very nice when it comes to looking at this tool! 

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