Dust Collection System Upgrade

In this video my shop get a brand new dust collection system from Oneida Air Systems.

Dust Collection System…… it is always something we all consider when building/ laying out a shop. But it seems to get thrown on the back burner for a lot of us. After almost 1 year in my new shop I have upgraded everything from my Jointer and Planer to my hand sander and table saw. The only thing left was new dust collection.I was running a 1.5HP HF dust extractor that was retro-fit for some 6″ water line PVC. It was unreliable, had very low CFM, and was decreasing the efficiency of my larger tools. When you spend thousands of dollars on high end floor machines, you want them running as optimally as possible. One large component a lot of people don’t consider is removing the dust from the cutter head. These machines are built to run with dedicated dust removal.

So, after some long hours researching around the endless vortex of youtube and the internet I decided to go with Oneida Air Systems. Specifically their new 5HP Dust Gorilla Pro with Smart Boost Technology.

SMART Boost Dust Collection System

SMART Boost technology directly measures resistance placed on the fan motor and automatically increases the fan’s speed to compensate when suction is low, ensuring that the motor always works at peak performance levels! This can double your airflow through smaller or mixed ports. You can check out more about the SMART Boost Technology here.

Dust Collection System - 5" Blast Gate Dust Collection System 5" Dust Port Dust Collection System 4" Blast Gate and Hosing

With all of my machines having multiple ports I knew this would be a great addition to my shop. To have it as “perfect” as possible, I also opted for Oneida’s custom ducting service. You simply lay out your shop on a printable PDF graph template, answer some questions about the tools you’ll be using and their ports. Then email it back to the pro’s at Oneida. This saved me a ton of time and aggravation. Everything for the ducting came neatly packed and ready to assemble with very simple instructions. This also includes all of the blast gates, flex hose, connectors, tape, caulking, and self tapping metal screws!

My Favorite features on the whole system though, is the Dust Sentry Sensor Unit. All it does is simply sense the fill level of your collector, and start flashing red to catch your attention. Gone are the days of not knowing if your collector is full and you not knowing.

Dust Collection System Dust Sentry Sensor

The unit also includes a remote start and a 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 micro and G.E. Certified H-12 HEPA filter, with 100 sq/ft of surface area.

Dust Collection System Filter

If you want to check out how it went together for me click my video below.

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