Fein Turbo II X AC






I always get excited when new tools enter my shop….

Specifically tools that make my work flow more efficient. I purchased a large dust extractor from Festool a few years ago. It has greatly improved my quality of work and workflow in general. My biggest issue with it tho is its size and adjustability to other tools. Recently, FEIN Tools sent me over their brand new Turbo II X AC vacuum system. Straight out of the box it seemed to address a few of my initial concerns with my larger vac.

First, its small and compact. Straight out of the box the vac comes in a nice bundle with a ton of attachment. Which my Festool did not. They added some nice bungie cords on the top and back for hose and cord management. I hate clutter, and vac hoses easily get tossed around my shop, so storage is a must. It has some very smooth locking casters on the front and all in all is a nice little machine.

My top features:

  1. Size – Nice small machine with plenty of suction and a small footprint. Easily fits under a work bench even with the handle attached.
  2. Accessories – at a mid – high level price point, it is nice that the vac comes with a bunch of hoses and extensions for use in multiple settings.
  3. Hose and cord management – the new bungie cords are a nice touch for keeping the messy hoses and parts all clean and nicely stored on the vacuum itself.
  4. Sys storage – FINALLY another company has included some version of systainer storage to their vac. In the video you can see how that works with the large storage boxes from FEIN as well as the SYSTAINER system from Tanos.
  5. Auto Start – A lot of vacuums are jumping on board with the auto start feature. Its nice when you can plug your tool directly into the vacuum and not have multiple extensions running from the wall. The vac fires up when you start the tool, no need for a second switch.

This vacuums newest and most promising feature is its Auto Clean function (hence the AC in the name). This feature is meant to keep the vac performing at its maximum capacity for suction, by keeping the filter as clean as possible. It “thumps” the filter while running to clear debris and particles. Its a nice addition if you’re sucking up a ton of fine dust. Once you get used to the noise it is not that bad to hear the “thump, thump, thump” while you work.

All and all A very solid little system, I have been enjoying having it in my shop and on site for the past month now. I would for sure recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade from their Shop-Vac to a real dust extractor type vacuum.


Please share and comment below with any questions about this product. I want to thank FEIN for sponsoring this post and video, and I look forward to your feedback. 

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