LEVRACK Assembly Video and Review




The LEVRACK rolling storage system is an absolute GAME CHANGER! This thing is amazing, and I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about it. Basically, the unit can be installed in an existing pallet rack, or as its own stand alone unit. It is shelving units on rollers that easily move side to side. BRILLIANT

I was able to condense so much stuff into these racks, I honestly cant even put it into words. All of my finishes, welding knick-knacks, consumables, puttys, grinding wheels, discs, sand paper, you name it. All in one place now. This is an absolute god-send for any small shop.

My top features:

  1. Lightweight – The shelves are sturdy, and well made. This does not come at the cost of weight though. They still glide very easily and with minimal effort
  2. Increased overhead storage – the stand alone unit has overhead storage for the top of the rack. Adding even more square footage for larger less used items.
  3. Pin board back board – Each rolling shelf unit comes with a pin board. You can install these for easy organization and more vertical storage

Its sort of insane to me that I have never seen anything like this before, but this thing is SWEET. Only taking up a 8’W x 7’T x 3’D footprint, this unit adds tons of storage for such a small footprint. Its a  great addition for a shop like mine in a common space. but i see this being in my garage and in my life for a long long time.

Check out LEVRACK Here!

Please share and comment below with any questions about this product. I want to thank LEVRACK for sponsoring this post and video, and I look forward to your feedback. 

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