MILWAUKEE Brushless Cordless String Trimmer


MILWAUKEE Brushless Cordless String Trimmer

Well, it’s spring time and most of you are heading outside to get your yards looking up to par for the spring weather. So, when your wife is complaining that you need to get outside and do yard work and you go to turn on your old weed whacker and realize it finally bit the dust, just remember this review and get yourself a top of the line replacement. You’re also not gonna want to look past some of the cordless battery powered options available out there. Especially the new MILWAUKEE Brushless Cordless String Trimmer. 

Milwaukee Brushless String Trimmer

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It’s no secret I love Milwaukee tools. I use them regularly and review them pretty regularly as well. That being said, it was awesome to get my hands on this Milwaukee Brushless Cordless String Trimmer and put it to the test! This string trimmer is definitely a really nice investment that not only is great for landscape professionals, but for regular guys trying to please their wives as well. The Milwaukee Brushless Cordless String Trimmer has an easy load trimmer head and easy line-loading, we’re talking under 30 seconds easy. THIS IS HUGE. Anyone who has ever struggled to load their line on a weed whacker knows how imperative it is that you have an easy load system and this is just that. The MILWAUKEE Brushless Cordless String Trimmer is also apart of the QUIK-LOK Outdoor Power Equipment Attachment System, so if you are looking to upgrade your line as a landscape professional, this is definitely a great option that works with the entire attachment system. As you may have guessed, this is also apart of the MILWAUKEE M18 line, so will be compatible with those batteries and chargers as well. Once again, a great addition if you already have equipment or tools from the M18 line. If you’re looking for more on the attachment system, you can shop the new MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL String Timmer Quik-Lok Attachment System here. One last thing to note is the MILWAUKEE Brushless Cordless String Trimmer also includes the same REDLINK PLUS Intelligence that the Milwaukee Chainsaw uses so you don’t have to worry about overloading or pushing this thing too hard.

Milwaukee Cordless String Trimmer


For a great string trimmer like this, it should be no surprise that it doesn’t come at a super cheap price. That being said, it’s not extremely unreasonable for the quality of the tool that you’re getting coming in at $329. This is a piece of equipment that you will have and use for years and definitely is worth the investment, especially if you’re big on landscaping.


Last year i converted to the battery powered lawn care equipment, and I Have to say. For a home owner with a small yard, its a game changer. I don’t need gas anymore, no more going to mix things and store the containers. Just keep a few batteries charged and thats it. The MILWAUKEE Brushless Cordless String Trimmer has so many applications is basically replaces 4 other tools, and its all inter-changable and very easy to use. Its on the best battery platform on the planet, and runs like a champ. IMO, this is a home run.

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