Milwaukee Flood Light & Chalk Reel Review


Milwaukee Flood Light & Chalk Reel Review

I feel like Milwaukee Tool is constantly pushing their products to the leading edge, and putting tons of emphasis and effort into any product they put their name behind. Their products always seem to be some of the most durable and best performing tools and accessories. While I typically am using and reviewing Milwaukee power tools, I got to switch it up this quarter and test out a few of their accessory products. For this article I am going to focus on the Milwaukee Chalk Reel and Flood light. 

Milwaukee Chalk Reel


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The Milwaukee Chalk Reel is not something that I typically would grab to use around my shop, making it a very interesting tool to review. I always like reviewing products that I don’t typically use because it allows me to expand my knowledge and discover products that assist in my work and make me more productive. The Milwaukee Chalk Reel has a planetary gear system featuring a 4:1 gear retraction ratio. This allows it to make straight lines without having to worry about the gears jamming up. This is definitely a crucial feature for something like a chalk reel because the whole point of using it is to provide accuracy and more precise lines. The Milwaukee Chalk Reel has an 18oz. chalk capacity, so it won’t run out quickly which is extremely convenient. The Milwaukee Chalk Reel can provide you with up to a 100ft. line which is awesome for large scale projects. Also, it provides an extra bold line so there are no questions when it comes to the visibility of your line. I really like the fact that the Milwaukee Chalk Reel allows for faster plunge cuts (48-22-0304), a line lock, and a stable refill base. All of these features help it to rise above the competition. When it comes to durability, the Milwaukee Chalk reel has a metal handle so it definitely will hold up. Lastly, when you purchase the Milwaukee Chalk Reel you’re getting one 100ft. extra-bold large capacity chalk reel, so you’ll have to buy any extras or refills separately.

Milwaukee Cordless flood Light

I have done a ton of reviews on lights so I was stoked to try out the Milwaukee Flood Light. This thing packs a pretty mean punch. The Milwaukee Flood Light is 550 lumens of TRUEVIEW High Definition, color-accurate output, meaning it shines super bright and doesn’t give off any hues that might throw off your work. The Milwaukee Flood Light has a light head that pivots 210 degrees for three output mode directional light. The pivoting potential allows you to really be able to move this around and use it throughout your work space. There is nothing more frustrating then when you need your light to turn just one more inch and it can’t do that, so to be able to have a light head that pivots so nicely is crucial. Lastly, one of the other features about this light that I love is it’s on-the-go potential. The Milwaukee Flood Light has a magnetic base with built-in carabiner, making it an awesome on the go light that you can take with you to the job site.

Overall, both of these products live up to the Milwaukee name and would be a great bundle gift or could each be purchased as individual pieces.


The Milwaukee Chalk Reel comes in under $25 at $24.97. This isn’t an unreasonable price and if its something that you regularly use, it definitely is a quality product that assures accuracy and won’t completely break your bank. The Milwaukee Flood Light is slightly more pricey at $69.97. I personally think this is a reasonable price for a usb rechargeable light that you can literally take with you anywhere.


Accessories are something we seldom think about when it comes to our arsenal of tools. But when you have the correct tool for the job, it makes all the difference. Both of these tools are no different. The chalk reel and flood light are both some top notch options in their respective categories and are both priced well. With my brand loyalty I know for either of these products i would be reaching for both without a question. Milwaukee has been pushing the boundaries and usability in the lighting world for years now, and this is another killer product.

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