Recently my friends at Milwaukee Tools, hooked up the shop with one of their brand new upgraded 46″ High Capacity Toolbox. Since I own one of the original 46″ Milwaukee Toolbox units, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of my personal favorite features in the new box!

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New Look

The first new element that jumps out immediately about the new 46″ Milwaukee Toolbox is the new look of the box. Featuring 19g steel construction on both the cabinet and the drawers, this box adds the addition of aluminum drawer pulls and edge guards. The edge guards also have thick and sturdy rubber corner protectors.

46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox Models46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox Drawer Pull 46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox Corner Cover 46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox

The overall depth of this box has changed as well. From the original box depth os 18″ to 22″ it offers more flat surfaces and drawer depth. The box also adds a few more slimmer drawers for hand tools and thinner profile tools.

46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox Work Surface 46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox Slim Drawer


One of my favorite features of the new box is the addition of USB ports to not only the interior power strip, but the exterior as well. We all know how cumbersome some of the charging blocks for USB cords can be, and something as small as this can make the difference when it comes to saving space. It is also great for Milwaukees new line of USB Chargeable batteries.

46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox Slim Drawer


The new box has some other new features that just simply kick ass. First is the addition of two heavy duty hooks. These hooks are usable on both sides of the box, and in multiple position configurations.

46" High Capacity Milwaukee Toolbox Hooks

It also features a new “paper towel” holder that i opted to use for my tape storage. Again, a little addition that makes our lives as the user easier. I know everyone has had a roll of towels or their tape scattered on the top of their box or somewhere you can never find it. Great little addition here.

Milwaukee 46" High Capacity Toolbox Paper Towel Holder

The box also features screw driver storage and a bottle opener for those who like to “indulge” when in their shop/ garage. Both the old and new boxes have their pre-drilled and tapped holes for mounting Milwaukee M18 and M12 chargers right to the box.

Blog (1 of 1)-8Milwaukee 46" High Capacity Toolbox Charger Milwaukee 46" High Capacity Toolbox Screw Driver

This is easily my favorite toolbox on the market to date (Minus Snap-on… but lets be serious). Retailing at Right under $900.00 US this box is a great addition to any shop and is build to last.

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