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3 Sticker Pack for our Squirrelly Squad


Sticker 1: "In Ron We Trust"   Sticker

At the heart of this sticker pack lies the iconic "In Ron We Trust" design, a playful nod to the trusty ruler of the woodworking world, your tape measure. Celebrate the reliability of your measuring tool and the precision it brings to your craft with this fun and stylish sticker.

Sticker 2: "Shut Up & Work"   Sticker

When it comes to woodworking, there's a mantra that craftsmen and craftswomen around the world live by: "Shut Up and Work." This sticker proudly displays this no-nonsense motto, celebrating the dedication and focus that define the craft.

Sticker 3: "JM Blade Logo"   Sticker

A nod and appreciation to our channel. We appreciate all Yinz supporting us and sharing our dream.

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