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Double Router Table

I add a big improvement to my shop with a Double Router Table

In the workflow and Day to Day, I am constatly looking to make my shop better. That and I am probably clinically insane, BUT! That being said. I have had a back wall in my shop that was clutter and a dead zone for almost a year. It was time to improve it. I came across a super cheap IKEA counter top ( yes i know i could’ve made my own) and I decided to turn it into a Double Router Table with open storage underneath. Check it out!


If you would like to attempt this project on your own, here are a links to the tools and the router lifts!


This build is mega easy. So I wont bore you with an in depth step by step. I simply followed these few steps and achieved the goal I had in mind.

  1. Mount the Top To The Wall
  2. Layout and Route Front Guide
  3. Layout and Router First Lift Plate Insert
  4. Layout and Router Second Lift Plate Insert
  5. Layout and Router Fence Slide Tracks
  6. Mount Switches
  7. Mount Drawer
  8. Cut Kaizen Foam For Drawer Storage

The video is a short glimpse of how i got this bad boy made. Its easy to follow with some nice writing to show you how I did it. Check it out

Beauty & Detail Shots

Router Table Lift Router Table Power Switch (1 of 1) Router Table Power Switch (1 of 1)-2 Router Table Lift -3 Router Table Lift -2 Router Table Double Lifts Router Table Bit Storage Router Table Bit Storage

Check out some of my Shop Project videos HERE!

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  1. I like your project with two router on one table, a simple and logical idea. Had you considered placing the two routers at each end of the table with the drawer in the middle. I would think it would have the advantage of giving more working space, so you could work with longer pieces requiring two separate router set-ups. This set up should work for most projects, but just wondered if there might be a reason to not make them further apart.

    • Making them further apart would be more logical. Problem was for me. I had the shop piped for dust before i got 2 tables, and i wanted to keep them next to the collection hose for that reason. This will work well for my needs. Good tip tho! thanks for the comment

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