Metal Tool Cart

Building The Ultimate Metal Tool Cart

Video on how I make the ULTIMATE METAL TOOL CART!

For the past 2 years I have had my metal chop saw and grinders just tossed in a rolling cabinet. As efficient as that sounds, it wasn’t. I decided I needed and upgrade. So i created a dedicated metal tool station that includes integrated power, dedicated grinder storage, a drawer, cord hooks, flip up wings/ extension arms for the mitre saw, clamp storage, and an expanded metal shelf.

I want to send out a HUGEEEEEE thank you to FEIN Tools for supporting and sponsoring this build. If you are interest in winning one of my carts, you can come down to FabTECH from Nov. 6 – 9 2017, and register at the FEIN booth to win one and some of their awesome tools. I’ll have links below to the tools I used in this video. Check out FEIN here! 

Check out the video below!

Metal Tool Cart Metal Tool Cart Metal Tool Cart Metal Tool Cart Metal Tool Cart

If you would like to attempt this project on your own, here are a few tools I recommend!

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