ONE DAY BUILD – How To Build An Industrial Wood Slab Coffee Table

Recently one of my long time designer clients reached out about doing a simple piece for one of their projects. I immediately thought, WOOD SLAB COFFEE TABLE, and I happened to have a free day on the schedule, and a cut off from a slab that was just big enough for the project. So I took the opportunity to get something done super fast, and not sacrifice quality. Check out this edition of my first ONE DAY BUILD, where I make this beautiful Round Wood Slab Coffee Table.

This build includes how to cut a round table top fast and easy using a Jigsaw and A Router. To stabilize the table I show how to use metal C channel to keep the wood slab from bowing which is crucial for the longevity of the project. I then fabricate a very simple metal base and finish it with some black enamel!


Round Wood Slab Coffee Table

Round Wood Slab Coffee Table  Round Wood Slab Coffee Table

My inspiration behind this build is to show that you do not have to be doing any crazy or complex woodworking or metal working techniques to make some beautiful furniture. For this project I simply took an idea and executed on it, and the client loved it. As a business owner, these are the types of projects that help get you in the green, and also allow you to become fast and efficient!

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