3 Levels of Cutting Boards — Beginner to PRO Build

3 Levels of Cutting Boards — Beginner to PRO Build

We know every woodworker in the world has built a cutting board before, so we decided to show yinz three ways we decided to make them. The clowns and I split up to create our own boards to show you what can happen at different levels. Jordan will be our beginner, Sam is our intermediate builder, and I am (of course) the pro builder. Strap in and get ready to learn how you can master the cutting board, no matter how long you’ve been using power tools. 


3 Idiots Build 3 Different Cutting Boards

The boys show us how to master the cutting board build with different difficulty levels. 

three cutting boards

Jordan used scrap wood from around the shop to make this quick, easy, and fun cutting board. He cut up different colored woods, planned them out into a pattern he liked, glued them together, and let them sit overnight. To finish it up, he sanded it one last time and covered it in oil to make sure it looked nice and smooth — it was that simple. Sam’s was a little more complicated, which makes sense since it’s the intermediate level. He incorporated a juice groove, walnut wood, and handles. He milled his wood to make perfect squares, glued them together, and then made a lot more squares within a square.

As a pro, I had to show these boys what is up. I went extravagant with the design and used some leftover wood pieces we had in the shop. There is not only a lot of wood involved but also a lot of glue. It turns out pretty EPIC if I do say so myself, after making only a few minor mistakes — whoops. Whose board do you think came out better? Watch the full video and let us know what you think in the comments! 

Tools and Materials

John Malecki not only tells us what tools to use, but he also shows us where to buy them. 

cutting wood

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Extra Supplies

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