Beginner Woodworking Tips to Accelerate Your Skills

Tip 1: Use a plug cutter to create matching or contrasting plugs for face joints, adding a professional touch to your woodworking projects.

Tip 2: Use blue tape instead of double sided tape for repeatable patterns, templates, and more. This will save tons of time and money. 

Tip 3: Improve table top glue-ups by using a simple technique that accounts for jointer imperfections and creates a perfect joint.

Tip 4: Employ blue tape for layout purposes, making it easier to visualize and execute cuts, such as mortises and dovetails.

Tip5: Enhance sanding results by connecting a shop vac to your random orbit sander for effective dust removal, and use a light source to detect swirl marks and achieve a better finish.

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10 Tips To Grow Your Woodworking Business
It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here—my top 10 tips to grow your woodworking business! I’ve been in the business for nearly a decade, and I figured it’s time to share some of my industry secrets. Wanna find out how I built my successful woodworking business from scratch? You can find out by watching the full video on my Youtube channel.
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IMPOSSIBLE Ugly Tree Table I Almost Threw Away!
For this project, I came up with a concept that literally cannot draw, model, or come up with any visual representation—so I'm just gonna wing it on this sucker! I wanted to create a table that looks like it's being held up by the branches of a tree.
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How To Finish Live Edge Slabs 2.0
In 2018 I published a piece of content in the early days of my Youtube career that I thought was an absolute piece of trash—but it turns out 1.5 million of you watched it and got something useful from it.
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