Building an EPIC DECK — Part 4: Stairs & Railings

Building an EPIC DECK — Part 4: Stairs & Railings

It’s finally time to get into part 4 of my EPIC deck series! For this part, I installed the stairs and railings onto my deck. I also get into the fascia board. I was pumped to finally getting the outside of my deck looking pretty after getting the rain escape and decking down. Along the way, I ran into some building issues and hiccups. But what else is new?

So follow me as I take on part 4 of my deck-building series! If you’re following along at home or want to try it out for yourself, be sure to take a look at my video below.


Building an EPIC DECK — Part 4: Stairs & Railings

man drilling hole into wood

So, starting off on part 4 of my EPIC deck building series, I needed to set the rise and run for the steps. To do this, I poured a new pad where the steps would land on. Once I finished pouring it — and setting my adorable dogs’ paw prints in it — I used it to help measure the run for the stairs. After I measured the rise of the deck, I used’s tool to calculate the exact measurement of the run. Based on the app’s calculations, I started laying out the stairs for my deck. Pretty simple, right?  

Don’t forget to follow along with the full video and watch this epic build go down. Throughout the video, I go through the how’s and why’s of my decisions. 

Tools and Materials

John Malecki Reviews the Tools and Materials He Used for This Build

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