Does This Chair Actually Work? My IMPOSSIBLE Floating Chair Build

Does This Chair Actually Work? My IMPOSSIBLE Floating Chair Build

You guys know how much I enjoy floating things. And I know how much you enjoy watching me build these floating objects. So for this video, we're diving back into making some stuff float and pushing my abilities to dabble with form and function on this IMPOSSIBLE Floating Chair Build. We found ourselves scratching our heads a ton on this project, but I think the end result is something you guys are going to enjoy. And yes, I did test it to see if it could hold my 290 lb body weight. 

So follow along with me as I tackle this EPIC chair build!

floating chair suspended with wires

Does This Chair Actually Work? My IMPOSSIBLE Chair Build

person placing wood through saw

So I started out by marking up a 3D model. Using Ms. Piggy, I’m going to cut out my templates and begin gluing up some parts. Using an angled clamp from BESSEY, I can start placing some of the wooden chair parts together. Once everything is dry, I can get the templating done, cut the joinery for the feet, and cut all of the seat slacks. Then, I can start putting the chair together. 

Thanks for checking out this sneak peek at my IMPOSSIBLE chair build. Don’t forget to follow along with my video

Tools and Materials

John Malecki Reviews the Tools and Materials He Used for This Build

john malecki placing glue on wood

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