EASY Beginner Basic Tool Workbench Build!

EASY Beginner Basic Tool Workbench Build!

If you have a small shop and a limited amount of tools, but you still need a workbench, this build is for you. I’m only using three power tools to put together this entire bench, so I know just about anyone can put this one together. I always love creating videos for beginner projects because I know that anyone can do it — you don’t need any fancy tools or materials. This workbench is simple but super practical. Make sure you watch the full video and then tag me on Instagram when you finish your version!

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John Malecki and the boys guide you through a basic workbench build

John Malecki cutting wood

Like I mentioned before, I’m only going to be using three tools for this project — a drill, a circular saw, and a portable table saw. This will be a really solid rolling work table, so you can move it around wherever you would like for it to go. We are also only using construction-grade materials for this build, so we are going all into DIY mode. If you want a step-by-step on putting this one together, we have a full downloadable plan available. The workbench plan includes a PDF with detailed drawings, parts & cuts list, detailed joinery diagrams, and specific measurements. 

The first thing we need to do is break down our leg material. I’m gluing together two pieces to have a thicker leg profile and everything is a bit sturdier. When you are gluing pieces together, always remember one thing — squiggles never swirls. After we finished up the legs, we moved on to our joinery. Even though this build was fairly simple, it was still a lot of fun. So watch the full video and get started on building your brand new workbench.

Tools and Materials

John Malecki lets you in on the best tools for your next build

John Malecki measuring wood pieces

The holy grail products in this build are, of course, the construction grade wood pieces, drill, circular saw, and the portable table saw. If you are preparing to build your own workbench, download our plan that takes you through the detailed instructions on creating the perfect beginner workbench.

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