EPIC Fire & Concrete Table Build 🔥 🔥

EPIC Fire & Concrete Table Build 🔥 🔥

As you know, my wife just had a baby. While fatherhood is the best, maybe even better than a beautiful chamfered edge on a cabinet, it’s definitely taking some time to get used to. Today the boys build an EPIC Fire & Concrete Table and surprise me with it as a little gift while I am getting used to taking care of my sweet new bundle of joy. I have yet to add anything onto the deck that they built me, and the boys are just oh so sweet, so they decided to add something on there for me. Check out how Sam and Jordan were able to pull off this incredible build in our latest vid!


Concrete, Fire, and a Sick Build

The boys take over this build and show us how to get it done.

the boys planning their build

After stopping at the store to grab the supplies, Sam and Jordan start by putting together the outside perimeter of the concrete table. Next up was gluing together the base, adding the concrete, and waiting for the firepit to show up. Being just as bright as they are, the boys forgot to lay a tarp down before they started on the concrete. Thankfully that had a bunch of old t-shirts that worked — for the most part. 

These knuckleheads caught me by surprise, and I was so happy with this cool gift. Watch the full video to see the end product! I can’t wait to start drinking beers on my deck now. 

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