EPIC Office Remodel on a Budget in The Dream Shop

EPIC Office Remodel on a Budget in The Dream Shop

When we bought The Dream Shop, the office came with some of the world’s worst flooring. Just terrible! Since we spend so much time in the shop, the Team and I figured it was time to give it a remodel and spruce the place up. We set out to make the office space:

  • Cleaner
  • Better Looking
  • Inspiring AF

Now that we figured out what we’re looking for in an end result, it was time to start thinking about solutions to get this remodel started. We needed something that’s durable enough and affordable enough to get the job done. Did we get it right? Watch the full video here and find out how we took the office form beat to neat.  

How to Remodel an Office Space on a Budget

Find out how we kept the cost low and the payoff high

John Malecki nate painting trim

We started off this latest project by looking for the cheapest vinyl flooring we could find. After all, this is an office makeover on a budget. Once we intercepted the flooring and returned to the office, it was time to really get started. We already painted the walls and got new lights in the ceiling, so we just had the flooring left to really tie the place together.

The next step is to rip out the old, nasty carpeting. While we were ripping up the carpeting, we discovered that there was leftover glue from the old carpet. Before we could start installing the vinyl flooring, we had to use a combination of Goo Off and manual scraping to smooth out the floor itself. Once we determined the floor was smooth enough, we got to laying down the flooring. After the new flooring is installed, the final step is to trim the walls. We stayed under budget by cutting our own trim from MDF and painting the trim ourselves.

To see how the final product turned out, watch the full video here!

Tools and Materials

All the tools you need to install band new flooring for your office space

If you also want to remodel your office space, this is what you’re going to need to do the job right. Before you purchase your flooring, grab your measuring tape and measure the area so you can budget for the correct amount of flooring. Then, to get the gross carpeting out of the office you’ll need a sheath to cut the carpet when needed, a flooring scraper, and some Goo Off. Once your old flooring is out of the way and your surface is even it’s time to lay down some plastic to cover the entire area. Once your plastic is down, grab your measuring tape again and measure the width of your flooring. Divide the width of the flooring by the width of the room to find out how many pieces of flooring you need to cover the room.

Once the flooring is locked into place, it’s time to get out the old table saw and cut your MDF into uniform pieces of trim. After that, all you need to do is paint your trim and use a nail gun to secure the trim in place.

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