In the last episode of this series, we were seriously impressed with how the concrete patio turned out (if you haven’t seen it, check it out here). After seeing what we did with that patio, the outdoor stairs looked even more tragic than before. It wasn’t part of our initial plan, but we decided that we could not let those stairs see another day. We are pouring some more concrete to build these stairs, and we can’t wait to see how well they match this patio. Don’t forget to watch the full video to follow Sam’s backyard transformation and win a Pit Boss grill during every episode!

After Proving What We Could Do With Our Concrete Patio, We Couldn’t Stop There

John Malecki and the boys decided to renovate the backyard stairs in Sam’s new home to match the beautiful patio.

Sam and Jordan working on the concrete stairs

More than these steps being aesthetically displeasing, there are a lot of things that are not done correctly. The rule of thumb is that you want stairs to be 18 inches when you add the length and width together. Well, can you guess how large these stairs were? They were 22 inches, so a little larger than they should be. This large of a step makes it uncomfortable for people to make. I know Sam’s friends love to get drunk in his backyard, so we have to make it as easy for them to get down as possible.

We had to remove the stairs and handrailing to make a trench for the new concrete to get started. I’ve got to say, whoever built these steps took on the meaning of ‘squirrelly’ to a whole new level. Next up, we had to find the new measurements for the stairs — which took a lot of leveling, measuring, and math. Essentially, we then made a box with 2x4 wood pieces to get the shape of the stairs before pouring in the concrete. We definitely got our workout in from hauling all of the gravel and cement from Sam’s front yard to the back yard, but it was worth it. These steps turned out to be EPIC — make sure you check out the full video to see the end result.

Tools and Materials

John Malecki not only shows you what tools his team is using for every build, but he also shows you how you can win something of your own.

ribs made with Pit Boss

Below is our list of go-to materials and products for almost every build we do, but the most important tool we used in this episode was our Pit Boss smoker. We made some incredible ribs, and with all the calories we burned from mixing all that concrete, we needed a good meal. During every episode of the series, you can win your very own Pit Boss grill! Check out the full video to find out how to enter to start making some insane meats of your own.

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