HUGE 25ft Luber Wall Build in the Dream Shop

HUGE 25ft Luber Wall Build in the Dream Shop

We’ve been in the shop for a few weeks now, and we’ve got a lot of materials laying around. We need a good place to store our lumber, so Sam and Jordan got to work to figure something out for the new shop. We worked on getting the space cleared out for them, but as usual, things got a bit squirrelly along the way. You’ll have to watch the full video to see how we got past this roadblock. 

This Lumber Wall is Perfect to Store Our Materials

The team repurposes old equipment for a new and improved lumber storage space

Sam drawing on the whiteboard in the shop

For this build, Sam and Jordan wanted to build something from scratch. I’m cheap, so I shot that idea down pretty quickly. Using primarily only what we have in the shop, Sam and Jordan came up with an idea for a huge 25 ft lumber wall. Their plan gave us lots of different options for various lumber sizes—from long pieces to small pieces.

Sam and Jordan finished out this project, and it looked great! Be sure to watch the full video to watch the process from start to finish. I want to know how yinz would’ve done it. Be sure to let us know what else this lumber wall needs. 

Tools and Materials

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John Malecki talking about sponsor Omaze

For this project, most of what Sam and Jordan used for the lumber wall was already in our shop. Aside from a few additional lumber materials, this build didn’t use too many other materials. 

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