IMPOSSIBLE Floating Coat Rack Build - How Does it Work?

IMPOSSIBLE Floating Coat Rack Build - How Does it Work?

We defy gravity with this build as we somehow figure out how to design a floating coat rack. We will go from two idiots holding a broken piece of wood and a coat to building the most astonishing coat rack on the market. How did I come up with this idea? Perusing the internet gets your creative juices flowing. I found a fascinating sculpture of a man missing his middle half, and I wanted to find out if I could take my spin on it. Watch the full video to check out our inspiration and see what the final product looks like — I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty epic. 

Here at John Malecki and Company, We Make the Impossible Possible

John Malecki and the boys take on the impossible task of a floating coat rack

John Malecki building with wood

We had sticks of white oak left over, so we decided to use those for this build. They were leftover pieces of wood that I am going to turn into a masterpiece magically, I think. My initial plan is to build the entire coat rack and then break it afterward to add the floating effect. We are going into this project blind, which always makes for an entertaining video. Next, we created bridal joints for the rack’s legs, which I’ve never done on an angle before. Surprisingly, everything went smoothly, and next up was the lap joint for the center of the build.

After the coat rack was put together, we had to destroy our hard work. My idea is to cut a relief cut, then turn it over and beat it with a sledgehammer to achieve the best-looking crack possible. I know there are going to be a good amount of people that will be pissed at me for smashing white oak when they can’t get hardwood, my apologies, but this is art. It was pretty satisfying to take my anger out on the wood, and it ended up looking pretty good — I’m not only a builder, but I’m also a poet. But, how did we manage to incorporate the floating piece? You’ll just have to watch the full video to find out. 

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John Malecki speaking about Butcher Box

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