MASSIVE 8 Foot Archery Dart Board Build!

MASSIVE 8 Foot Archery Dart Board Build!

I was gone, so I left Sam and Jordan to fend for themselves. Was this a mistake? Probably. While I’m on vacation, soaking up the sun and having fun with my wife and daughter, Sam and Jordan are coming up with their own idea for a project. With archery season right around the corner, they thought that a giant dart board was a perfect way to master their skills before getting out there. Sam and Jordan are just too good for the regular archery targets, and they needed something bigger and better — sarcasm. I’m really impressed with this build, and I’m excited to practice my archery skills too. Check out the full video to see what fun they get into along the way because there is fun to be had with these two. 


What’s More Fun Than Doing Weird Things While Your Boss is Gone?

Sam and Jordan take the game of darts to the next level

Sam and Jordan building massive dartboard

Our idea is to use foam insulation boards for the majority of this project. Off the bat, Jordan’s main concern was the stopping power of those boards, and Sam’s was that it’d be costly to fill the boards up enough. So research and development had to be conducted, and they started by cutting up the foam insulation boards into the correct shape. Next, Sam shot an arrow in the shop at these boards to test out their theory — incredibly risky, but lots of fun. After the testing was complete, Jordan took the CNC for a ride to carve out the outline of the target. 

The boys found that 8 inches of foam boards were sufficient but ended up using 12 inches just to be cautious. After that was measured out, they put together the wood pieces that the CNC cut out, which will hold those foam insulation boards. Sam and Jordan were using their noggins when they decided to make sure this build could fold in half so that it was easy to transport — great thinking, hooligans. The most exciting part of this project was testing out the target, which you’ll have to watch on our YouTube video

Tools and Materials

Sam and Jordan offer their advice on the best place to purchase your tools and materials

Sam speaking about Woodcraft

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