Renovating My Kitchen Part 4—Flooring and Drywall

Renovating My Kitchen Part 4—Flooring and Drywall

On the 4th episode of ‘Idiots Build a Kitchen,’ we take on the flooring and drywall! We are taking my 25-year-old kitchen and making it look brand spanking new. Along the way, I’ll give you some tips on how to drywall like a pro and lay flooring down like you’ve done it 100 times before. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds… trust me. Watch our full video below to get more tips and to see me throw a door 20 feet from my deck to the dumpster. 

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From the Window to the Wall: Drywall and Flooring in my Renovated Kitchen

John Malecki walks you through the most efficient ways to get the drywall up and the flooring down.

John Malecki laying down flooring

First up, the drywall. We cut back to the studs on each wall, cleaned it up, stuck in some nailers, and added a bunch of furring strips. After that, we built up the drywall to layer perfectly with the wall and started mudding. Before we started on the flooring, we painted the first coat on the walls in case there was any drippage. 

Next up, we swept the damn floor and installed the same flooring that connects the flooring I already have in the house. Pro tip — mix up your boxes of hardwood when you are laying down your flooring. There are slight color variations and mixing up the boxes will blend them together to make it less obvious. 

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Tools and Materials

John Malecki lets you in on the secrets of the ultimate kitchen remodel. 

John Malecki and Universal Windows Direct

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Remodeling My Kitchen

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