We Made HUGE Mistakes Installing the Cabinets — Renovating My Kitchen Pt. 5

We Made HUGE Mistakes Installing the Cabinets — Renovating My Kitchen Pt. 5

Welcome back to “Idiots with Power Tools” who try to build things but don’t know how to read!  This episode is the definition of getting Squirrelly — and by that, I mean that we had to just work with what we had. We lost about $5,000 on the cabinets, and to put it lightly… we were screwed. Check out the whole video to find out how we managed to make it out alive and come up with some pretty kick-ass cabinets. 


What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong...and Did Go Wrong

John Malecki and the boys fight through the uphill battle while installing cabinets.

John, Sam, and Jordan holding cabinets

Unfortunately, I did not double-check the drawings that Jordan made up when designing the plan for the cabinets, and we ultimately had to shorten the entryway of the kitchen from a 34-inch door to a 30-inch doorway. Thankfully, a 30-inch door is pretty standard in older homes. My brother-in-law ended up stopping over and mentioned that we had a slight plumbing issue, so while we were at it, he came over and helped us fix that up too. 

Finally, we successfully got all of the cabinets inside with no issues and started mounting them to the walls. Typically, you should mount the upper cabinets before the lower ones, but we had a spacing issue and did this a little backward. What we’re doing here is what we like to call Jankenstein. Find out what I mean, and see the final product by watching the full video.

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john malecki

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