WORLD’S FIRST Double Decker Desk Build!

WORLD’S FIRST Double Decker Desk Build!

Hey guys! If you’ve been following my videos, you probably noticed how the team and I have been starting to lose our minds lately. So I decided to add a new team member! But with another member comes the need for more desk space. To solve this problem, I drew inspiration from the EPIC double decker couch seen in The Lego Movie. Follow me as I build the world’s FIRST double decker DESK!


WORLD’S FIRST Double Decker Desk Build

double decker desk outline

To make sure the desk is strong and sturdy, we’ll be doing a lot of welding and minimal woodwork. We’ll be using 2-inch tube frames on the outside and an inch and a half-inch tube on the inside. Out of a sheet of expanding metal, we will make a platform. 

I’ll be doing the build in parts in order to make it more manageable. This will also help me when I need to transfer it into another room. Next up, we need to work on the framing assembly for the interior of the desk. So that includes the platform to stand on and the platform to work on. While I work on welding the parts together, Sam and Joe will be making the actual desktop out of wood. 

And that’s it! Make sure you follow the whole video so you don’t miss anything.

Tools and Materials

John Malecki Reviews the Tools and Materials He Used for This Build

john malecki welding

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